Why You Need a Virtual Mailbox with a Commercial Street Address

Leela Hopkins Last updated June 19, 2020
virtual mailbox and commercial business address

Choosing a street address for your business may not seem particularly exciting. Who has the time to think about it when there are other parts of your business pulling you in different directions?

Getting it all right in the early stages is crucial. First impressions count and the proper address can ensure that your business starts off on the right foot. Choosing between your home address, PO Box, or a commercial address can determine who does business with you.

Furthermore, it's not only about impressions, there are many legal aspects where a commercial address has a huge advantage over a residential address or a PO box.

That's why we’ll talk about the essential benefits of choosing a virtual mailbox that offers a commercial address.

You will learn:

What is a Commercial Street Address?

A commercial street address is an address that points to a commercial building.

A commercial building is any real estate used for business purposes. It includes facilities such as office buildings, shopping centers, warehouses, and retail plazas.

Why a Commercial Street Address is Important

A commercial street address gives your business a professional appearance. This is essential, especially when you’re starting out and you need to show credibility to your customers and potential investors.

When you’re choosing a virtual mailbox service, you should be looking for a provider that offers a genuine commercial street address, as opposed to an address that is tied to a co-working center, a UPS store, PO box, or a virtual office.

These are the primary reasons why you need a commercial street address.

In addition to the credibility benefits with banks, investors, business partners, and customers your website, marketing pieces, and official documents can highlight a real street address:

My New Startup
1400 Market Street Suite 100
Brentwood, IL 60067

Therefore, a commercial street address is essential in registering an LLC or corporation, opening business bank accounts, and protecting your privacy as well as many other business benefits.

Commercial Street Address vs. Residential Address

Many startup founders choose to work out of their homes. It’s free and you get all your mail delivered right to your doorstep. Plus, there’s no commute to check your mail.

However, you need to consider the downside of using a residential address for your business.

Compare how our location in Delaware stacks up against a residential address. It is worth it to keep your privacy and have a professional image.

A commercial street address will protect your privacy by keeping your home address and business documents secure. It will let you choose a good location in a respectable business area and provide a professional-looking building.

Commercial Street Address vs. PO Boxes

As a startup founder, you want to control costs. That’s why some entrepreneurs use a PO Box as their business address.

A post office box (PO box) is a lockable mailbox found in a physical post office. You can rent a PO Box at the post office. It’s inexpensive and the premises are monitored 24/7.

PO Boxes were originally created for rural areas where mail could not be delivered directly to home addresses. Today they’re used for multiple mailing needs. A PO Box is the best choice if you have basic needs for a mailbox service that will protect your privacy or for keeping an address that you will use for mailing address purposes.

Although a PO Box may seem like a convenient solution, especially for startups, there are many disadvantages you need to consider.

Here are the essential business aspects where the difference between having a PO Box or a commercial street address can make a huge impact.

The standard address format of a PO Box looks like this:

PO Box 1234
Brentwood, IL 60067

Compare how our location in Henderson stacks up against a PO Box. It’s definitely worth investing in a location that doesn’t look amateur.

A commercial street address is accepted as a business address for an LLC or corporation and business bank accounts. It also offers a professional business image and has no delivery restrictions because all couriers are accepted.

Differences of Commercial Street Addresses Between Virtual Mailbox Providers

A virtual mailbox service that offers a commercial street address will let you avoid all the problems of a residential address and PO box. You can enjoy the benefits of a real business address without the expense of relocating your business and signing an expensive commercial lease.

Choose your commercial street address carefully

While it may seem that you have struck gold with a virtual mailbox service that offers locations in multiple locations, you will need to choose an address carefully.

Many virtual mailbox services will use USPS and PO Boxes and forward the mail to their main sorting and scanning facility. This allows the virtual mailbox to offer more addresses even though they may not have a physical presence in that state.

While this does give you more choice, it also adds an extra step that not only adds room for error (such as misplaced mail), but also delays how soon your mail is scanned, since it must be forwarded to the virtual mailboxes head office.

How to find a professional commercial street address

There are several aspects that you need to consider when choosing a virtual mailbox provider with a commercial street address. Not all commercial addresses convey the same level of professional business appearance and be aware that not all virtual mailbox providers are created equal.

Here’s how to choose one:

Imagine your customers or potential investors were searching online for your business. Ask yourself in selecting a location the following questions.

Overall, it is important to know that some virtual mailbox providers do not offer a location with a professional appearance. That’s why it is important to know what to look for in a commercial street address because location matters.

That’s what a VirtualPostMail building will help you achieve.

We choose all our locations with the security and professionalism of you and your business in mind.

Here are the key benefits of choosing our commercial addresses:

Is a Virtual Mailbox with a Commercial Street Address Worth it?

A business’s physical location is an important factor in the way that a business is perceived.

While a home address or PO Box is a low cost option and a fast solution to starting a business you should consider a commercial street address from the beginning.

A virtual mailbox with a commercial street address will give you an affordable and convenient solution to achieving a professional business image without the risks or hassles of a home address or PO Box.

Furthermore, a commercial street address will protect your privacy, look professional, and will meet many legal and business registration requirements for a physical address.

Are You Ready For A Virtual Mailbox?

Not only do we offer a virtual mailbox with a commercial street address our service is easy to setup! Begin by finding a plan that fits your business and personal needs.

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