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Leela Hopkins Last updated September 10, 2020
virtual mailbox reviews

The invention of virtual mailboxes has completely changed how remote businesses, digital nomads, frequent travelers, and expats deal with their mail from afar. They enable you to read your mail online with ease. You can manage your mail and packages from anywhere, as long as you have a device and connection to the internet.

These types of services are becoming more popular and there are many different businesses to choose from, so it’s important to select one you can trust completely to handle your mail properly. The virtual mailbox options below all have different strengths and weaknesses so it’s best to do your research to choose which best suits your requirements and needs.


VirtualPostMail was devised by someone who was unable to read their mail while running their remote business, so VirtualPostMail’s strength is their understanding of the needs of remote workers and remote businesses.

VirtualPostMail provides you with a real street address attached to a commercial building to receive postal mail. This address can be used to register your LLC or corporation. The address gives you a professional business image and protects your privacy, and changing your own address will not affect your VirtualPostMail address.

You’ll receive mail from all couriers such as FedEx, USPS, and UPS. They are the only virtual mailbox service who own all their addresses (thus there are limited locations), which cuts out the risk of mail delays and loss of mail and packages. They process mail much faster because mail and packages come directly to their locations and not to a third-party location. Additionally, they are the only virtual mailbox service that provides registered agent services at all their locations. They also have a high response and satisfaction rate with customer support.

Pros of VirtualPostMail

Cons of VirtualPostMail

Who is VirtualPostMail Best For?

VirtualPostMail is the best option for startups and small businesses. You can use us as the best way to keep up with letters, invoices, and payments. Also, never lose contact with your clients. You can take advantage of check depositing services to get paid faster. Plus, if you run your remote business use the free registered agent services, as well as the ability to open a business bank account to make it a full business solution.

Earth Class Mail

Earth Class Mail offers mail scanning, mail forwarding, and check depositing services. They can scan your mail content, forward your mail, or shred it. One of the best features they offer is CheckStream, where they can automate check deposits as a time-saving measure for you. Once you receive the scanned check, you advise them how to deposit it at your bank. They also offer multiple integrations with their platform.

Pros of Earth Class Mail

Cons of Earth Class Mail

WARNING - Earth Class Mail is now offering lower mail plans, but don’t let the prices fool you. It could still cost you more than what you expected. We’ve done the research for you and have demystified it! Read more to see our analysis of the new Earth Class Mail pricing here.

Who is Earth Class Mail Best For?

Earth Class Mail is best for medium to large businesses. It is operated as more of a mail solution for enterprise level businesses and is one of the more expensive virtual mailbox services out there.

Traveling Mailbox

Traveling Mailbox will receive, scan, and forward your mail as you wish. You’ll also get access to your own unique real street address. After mail arrives at the facility, the outside gets scanned. Then you can select whether to have it opened and scanned, returned, shredded, or forwarded to you.

Traveling Mailbox offers additional services such as software integrations allowing you to use Evernote and check deposit services for an extra fee.

You can select between 3 plan options, all of which include basic envelope scans, junk mail filtering, unlimited cloud storage, and free mail shredding. Traveling Mailbox also has a mobile app for easy access to your mail. It also has virtual office services available. Lastly, you can use the ScanPAK feature to help your admin (bulk scanning), so you don’t have to hire an assistant.

Pros of Traveling Mailbox

Cons of Traveling Mailbox

Who is Traveling Mailbox Best For?

Traveling Mailbox is good for travelers, individuals, and small businesses. If you are someone who cares about features and price Traveling Mailbox is a fit for you. It really is your travel companion so you can stay connected with your mail and packages no matter where your travel adventure takes you. It goes with you.

Anytime Mailbox

Anytime Mailbox is simply a software platform. Mail center and business center owners use it so they can provide customers with virtual mailbox services. For example think of that small family run shipping store down the road that sells random postcards, gifts, and basic mailing supplies and services. That’s the place. Each of these individually owned locations gets added as an address on the site. Each person who uses the software decides how much they are going to charge so using Anytime Mailbox means costs vary greatly.

They offer 725 address options across the globe in Canada, US, India, Europe, Malaysia, Indonesia and more. You can select to have a physical street address as well as forwarding, shredding, scanning, and check depositing services. Each address uses a different pricing model and has has different features so we recommend doing your research before you sign up.

Pros of Anytime Mailbox

Cons of Anytime Mailbox

WARNING - Anytime Mailbox is only a software that offers a network of mail partners to offer the ability to give their customers a “virtual mailbox”. In short, it’s really not a true virtual mailbox. It may seem ideal, but we strongly recommend you doing your research heavily with them because prices and features all vary based on the location partner.

Who is Anytime Mailbox Best For?

Anytime Mailbox will suit individuals very well because it has a lot of locations to choose from and is accommodating for that girl and guy on the go.


IPostal1 has become an Approved Vendor for Annex Brands, Inc., one of largest franchise companies for retail pack and ship stores, operating under the Postal Annex, Pak Mail, AIM and Parcel Plus brands. iPostal1 partners with retail pack and ship stores or coworking spaces for office building locations to use for your virtual mailbox. iPostal1 offers more than 900 real street addresses and the cost starts from $9.99 per month.

They provide packages for business or personal use. They even offer fax and phone call management through their virtual office and coworking plans. IPostal1 is a provider that operates internationally with both US and overseas addresses.

Pros of iPostal1

Cons of iPostal1

Who is iPostal1 Best For?

This is best for individuals who are looking for a US or international mailing address. If you travel often and for long periods of time this is a good option for you.

PostScan Mail

PostScan Mail is an online, cloud-based platform. It is software that can be used for virtual mailbox purposes by businesses and individuals. This platform has optimized and simplified the services for ease of use. Anyone with a subscription can see their mail online from anywhere.

PostScan Mail simplifies the way you deal with your mail. It is guaranteed to be kept secure on the platform and you’ll be able to view it from wherever you are.

PostScanMail allows you to add many users to a mail account, and they each get a separate password and subsection where they get their mail. They also offer an iPhone app where you can see packages and mail.

Pros of PostScan Mail

Cons of PostScan Mail

Who is PostScan Mail Best For?

PostScan Mail is ideal for individuals because it has many mailbox locations to select from. You can choose addresses across the United States from California to New York.

Ready for a Virtual Mailbox?

VirtualPostMail is the smartest and easiest way for you to manage your mail and packages so you can focus on what really matters. You'll never want to manage your mail the traditional way again!

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