How To Get a Virtual Mailbox For Your Startup

Leela Hopkins
VPM Staff
Last Updated
October 2, 2020

With an on the go lifestyle you may easily fall behind on your physical mail with the traditional handling of snail mail. How can you rent a mailbox with a street address? A virtual mailbox is your solution! Learn the biggest reasons why you should get a virtual mailbox.

1. Easy Access to Your Mail Online

Your virtual mailbox allows you to manage your mail and packages via any device. You'll have the ability to receive, forward, shred, or discard mail and packages all online. Your virtual mailbox is a commercial address with your own personal box number. A virtual mailbox makes managing your postal mail as easy and convenient as email. In fact, your virtual mailbox looks similar to an email inbox.

2. Professional Business Image

A prestigious commercial business address creates a professional image for your business. A business address is beneficial for startups, home, or small businesses because it builds trust and confidence with your customers plus other business advantages.

3. Receive Mail and Packages From All Couriers

Receive mail from ALL couriers such as USPS, FedEx, and UPS. It’s accepted in more places than a PO Box.

4. Mail Forwarding and Package Forwarding

When you want to forward your mail, you pay competitive rates. Plus get fast and affordable package forwarding options to anywhere in the world. Each package received will have its shipping label scanned for online viewing. Manage your package online just like your mail.
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