What is a Registered Agent

Leela Hopkins
VPM Staff
Last Updated
October 2, 2020

Your registered agent is your official contact with the state. The state requires a registered agent be designated so that it has an official contact on file for your business. The state will send your company important compliance information and official correspondence through your registered agent.

What are Registered Agent Service Requirements?

‍You’re required to designate an in-state registered agent when you form your company and in each additional state in which you are doing business. Maintaining a registered agent in the state in which you formed and in each state where your company is conducting business is an ongoing requirement.

While states vary in their exact requirements for registered agents, there are three rules that generally apply:

  1. The registered agent must be a resident individual or a domestic or qualified out-of-state corporation.
  2. The registered agent’s office address must be a physical address in the state. This means that a PO Box does not qualify as an in-state address.
  3. The registered agent must be available during “normal” business hours Monday through Friday.

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