10 Key Trends for Digital Publishing in 2021

Nicole D. Garrison
Last Updated
December 30, 2020

In digital publishing, there is no longer the need to meet users' expectations to regain their loyalty. The number of competitors has led to the point where you have to exceed the users' expectations to get their trust. Is there a better way to do that than welcoming the most popular trends to your publication?

We reviewed 10 digital publishing trend reports for 2020. Here are the most important areas that you will want to focus on.

1. Website Simplicity

The rising popularity of digital publications means that there will be more users who aren't tech-savvy. A website that tries to attract the attention of users with a variety of fonts, lots of different colors, and complex features will only drive away potential readers.

Try to look at your website from the perspective of new users. Can you spot what you are looking for quickly? Can you navigate through the website with ease? If you see cluttered pages, messy navigation, and complex layout page, you need to make some urgent changes.

2. Consumer Privacy

What troubles many people regarding sharing their information online is wanting to maintain their privacy.

As consumer privacy gets in the spotlight in 2020, you need to revise your knowledge of compliances. Other compliances that you need to respect are:

  • The United States CANSPAM
  • Children’s Online Protection and Privacy Act (COPPA)
  • Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL)
  • The California Online Privacy and Protection Act (CalOPPA)

3. Analysis of the Behavior of Most Loyal Consumers

Acquire new consumers through an analysis of your current loyal consumers. Their behavior can signal what, when, and where they want to get the content.

Your current audience can reveal the characteristics and behavior of your target audience. Based on that, you'll know which audience responds best to your content. Knowing who your audience is will help you form a strategy for acquiring new consumers as well as creating targeted content.

4. Refocusing on SEO

Writers and editorial teams, as well as SEO experts, will need to refocus on highly optimized content. In 2020, content quality beats keywords and links in the SEO game. People’s lack of trust in mass media has inspired Google to elevate quality journalism.

High-quality content is well-written, relevant, engaging, and offers valuable information. It has all the factors that the search engines find to be crucial for the users. Content that doesn't possess those qualities won't get on the search engine's radars.

5. The Number of Subscribers is Growing

The Reuters Institute Digital News Report has shared that digital media is turning towards user subscriptions (52%). People are getting used to digital publications so their interest in subscriptions is on the rise.

What you can do to improve your subscription program is to revise it. Several determining features can affect the number of subscribers:

  • Easy to see call-to-action button
  • Simple and responsive subscription page
  • Clearly stating the benefits of subscription
  • Tracking subscription sources
  • Integrating subscriber information in the marketing automation system (for driving more subscribers
  • A strategic way of getting social media followers and web visitors to subscribe

6. New Mainstream Channels

Besides newsletter, podcasts, webinars, and Instagram are some of the trending content distribution channels for digital publishers. They provide publishers with an effective way of reaching a new audience.

What these channels have in common is their engaging nature. A podcast, webinar, or active Instagram channel can add a variety to your content and present a new way of attracting users and subscribers.

7. Social Media Stories

The digital format that is the story has been popularized with Instagram. The use of story format can increase the number of social media followers of your publication’s profile. The Economist, for example, has 4.8 million followers on Instagram and shares stories regularly.

Melinda Harris, a writer to Subjecto, shares her opinion on the use of stories in digital publications. “While posting stories on social media can seem like a peculiar choice at first, it's the trending way of approaching the audience. Following your users' interest is what will gain you their attention,” said Melinda.

8. Authenticity and Honesty

With the mass growth of digital publications, more poor-quality content is appearing. It often comes hand in hand with false information. That’s why only 41% of Americans trust mass media today.

Digital publishers that choose authenticity and honesty over quantity will stand out. The focus should be on the truthfulness of shared information, credible sources, and an authentic approach to stories.

9. Video Content

Did you know that 85% of all internet users in the United States watch online videos regularly? Videos win over the audience through interactive content. If you decide to create video content try to keep it short, informative, and entertaining. Some of the formats you can opt for are:

  • Expert interviews
  • Educational videos
  • Video news

For creating scripted video content, you can turn to professional writers to save you a lot of time from editing the videos written content and will offer you a polished result without much effort.

10. Voice Optimization

Considering that 40% of people utilize voice search daily and 20% to 25% of mobile search queries are voice, voice optimization shouldn't be disregarded. The growing popularity of voice searches has caught up with digital publishing as well.

It is expected that by 2023 the world will use more than 8 billion digital voice assistants. Embracing this trend right away will give you an advantage over those who are yet to discover the importance of voice optimization.

Final Thoughts

These key trends for 2020 can show you the direction in which digital publishing is headed. They highlight all the main factors that the audience takes into account when choosing their preferred digital publication. Based on popular trends, you can form a strategy that won't fail to attract a new audience and win their loyalty.

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