Benefits of Combining Your Virtual Mailbox with VPM’s Registered Agent Service

Leela Hopkins
VPM Staff
Last Updated
October 2, 2020

Did you know that you’ll need a separate mailbox service for your business on top of using a registered agent service?

What if you could pay for one service instead of paying for a mailbox service and registered agent service?

By having a virtual mailbox with your registered agent service TOGETHER you can easily manage all your personal, business, and legal mail in one place and operate your business.

Here are multiple reasons why having the two under one single service provider is a smart choice.

  1. Free Registered Agent Services
  2. Privacy
  3. Security
  4. Package Forwarding
  5. Mail Forwarding
  6. Save Time
  7. Same Day Access To Served Documents
  8. Business Address
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